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Solar AgDSM

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Energy Efficient Buildings

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Smart Meters

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Fin. Asst. Programmes

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Solar Study Lamp

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Services Overview

Solar Study Lamp

The solar study lamp distributed by EPSSL consists of a photovoltaic module which converts sunlight into electricity, charging the battery which powers the LED luminaire. The lamp is designed to provide 4-5 hours of daily light every day.


“In the Indian tradition, the Sun is the source of all forms of energy. The world must turn to the Sun to power our future.”1- Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister

Energy Efficient Buildings

Under the programme, we will bring investment of around INR 10 lakh covering more than 1000 large private buildings by 2020. We will retrofit around one crore LED lights, 150 mn energy efficient ceiling fans, and 15 mn energy efficient ACs in these buildings.